Tailored & Reliable Marine Solutions


Steel Products

Steel Coils, Steel Plate, Wire Rod in Coil, Beams, Steel Bars, etc.

  • Out-turn Survey
  • Cargo Condition Survey On Board Vessel or at Ship´s Side.
  • Tally Survey
  • Cargo Claims for damages of Origin or during discharge operations
  • Surveys of cargo handling in the port warehouse or yard.
  • Surveys of Cargo Stowage at warehouse or yard.
  • Survey of delivery Steel coils on trucks & with driver´s signature on condition report.
  • Pre-loading survey Steel Coils, Steel Plate, Wire Rod In Coil, Beams, Steel Bars, etc.
  • Loading & Unloading Surveys
  • Silver Nitrate Test


  • Container Box Condition Survey (Interior & Exterior)
  • Container Weather tightness & Daylight survey
  • Container Stuffing ,Unstuffing  & Stowage Survey
  • Container Damage Survey
  • Container Cargo Surveys
  • Container Cargo Tally Surveys
  • Reefer Container Cargo  Survey (Temperature  & Cargo Condition)
  • Container Cleaning & Deodorization Survey
  • IMO & IMDG Cargoes Survey
  • Container Sealing Witnessing

Bulk Cargo

  • Asses & Verify FMP-TML- Moisture Content Certificates (minerals) according IMSBC Code.
  • Complementary Test Procedure for determining the possibility of liquefaction.  (IMSBC Code Sub-section 8.4)
  • Grains & Minerals Condition and Quality Surveys
  • Loading and Unloading Surveys
  • Weight Control on Bulk Cargoes by  Shore Scale 
  • Draft Surveys
  • Bunker Surveys
  • Cargo Sampling

Break Bulk

  • Cargo Condition Survey
  • Stowage, Lashing & Securing of Cargo on board Vessel´s, Containers & Trucks
  • Refrigerated Cargo SurveysPre-loading Surveys
  • Cargo Packing Condition Survey
  • Dangerous Goods Cargo Surveys (IMO – IMDG).
  • Hold Cleanliness and Hold Condition Survey
  • Big Bags Condition Survey
  • Tally Survey

Project Cargo

  • Loading , Unloading and Cargo Condition Survey of Project Cargo.

Heavy Lift 

  • Loading , Unloading and Cargo condition survey of Heavy Lift Cargo


P & I Clubs Surveys 

  • We attend on behalf the major P&I Clubs on any matter related to our areas of expertise.


  • Loading and Unloading Survey (lashing, securing & condition) of Yachts transported on board Vessels.
  • Yacht Condition Surveys
  • Sale & Pre-Purchase Consultancy
  • Yacht Brokerage

Vessel Sanitation, Recycling, Weakening & Scrapping

  • Planning, Development & Management of Vessels Sanitation
  • Planning, Development & Management of Vessels Recycling
  • Planning, Development & Management of  Weakening of grounded Vessels
  • Planning, Development & Management of Vessels Scrapping

Other Services

  • Securing and Lashing Surveys
  • On-Hire” Bunker Survey
  • “On-Hire” Condition Survey
  • “Off-Hire” Bunker Survey
  • "Off-Hire” Condition Survey
  • Port Captain
  • Mass Weight Certificate by Shore Scale
  • Safety Gear Inspection
  • Vessel Damages Surveys
  • Underwater Hull Surveys
  • Berth Damage Surveys
  • Vessel´s Tank Condition Surveys
  • Vessel´s Tank Cleanliness Certificates
  • Certificate of Hold Empty
  • Cargo Hold Sealing
  • Marine Incident Investigations
  • Allision Surveys
  • Liquid Cargoes mass certificates
  • Cars, Trucks & Machinery Survey
  • Marine Salvage (Boats, Yachts & Vessels)
  • Marine Bathymetry
  • Safety Surveys Prior Vessel Commence Loading & Unloading Operations